19 January 2013

Mores Cover Contest

Question.jpgIt's time for another cover, and another cover contest! Mores is in need of your help, and I have 150 reasons for you to come to its aid...

Mores is going to be released in March, and that means its time for the final capstone to be added: The cover. With my Rmnce cover contest having been such an astounding success, it would be foolish to go another direction, now wouldn't it?

That in mind, I'm offering $150, all of my published works, a selection of other books that have served as an inspiration over the years, and of course Mores itself, to whomever can create a cover that embodies what Mores is about and gives it that little push to succeed.

What Mores is, is a pair of tales running in parallel. One is set in prehistoric Ireland, the other in modern New York, two women seeking identity and bliss in wildly different circumstances. A cover should convey this chronological dichotomy and humanistic emphasis. How it does that is up to you. More general information on Mores can be found here.

If you have any questions at all about the book, the contest, the artistic purpose of my existence, or anything else, don't hesitate to email me. The most important thing is that the artistic purpose of your work mirrors or compliments the artistic purpose of mine, so lean towards more questions rather than fewer.

The contest ends March 1st.

General Requirements are as follows:
Digital Format
No Porn (Yes, I know, I’m sorry; I love you, my dear pornographers, but you can’t fight city hall)
Legally yours to sell
Contains the book title and my name

Size requirements are as follows:
>2,500 pixels tall (greater than)
Height 1.6x greater than width
Total file size <5 mb (less than)

Apart from that, let your mind wander. I have utmost faith.

Legal stuff: artists retain full and unconditional rights to any work not chosen; the one I do choose will become my sole property with no expectation of payment or royalty over and above contest prizes. Submitting gives me right of refusal at the prize amount for the duration of the contest + 1 month, or until the contest ends, whichever comes first. I reserve the right to reject all offered covers and select no winner, in which case I will terminate all right of refusal.